Start Date: 5 December, 2021

End Date  : 9 December, 2021

Duration   : 5 Days


Overall Description: 

This course is designed to help managers and team leaders whose responsibilities require Planning, decision making, scheduling, delegation, leading and managing resources.


Course Objectives: 

  • Become more productive by reordering priorities and establishing realistic deadlines.
  • Learn the practical steps involved in the delegation that succeeds.
  • Be more aware of your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Apply and effectively use the systematic process of planning, problem identification and the rational model for decision making.
  • Use environmental scanning, and breakeven analysis as tools for planning.
  • Identify key performance measures to control & monitor the outcome of the plan.


Course Outline (Content): 

  • Planning Tools & Steps
  • Analyzing Opportunities
  • Goal-Setting
  • SMART Objectives
  • Determining Alternative Courses of Action
  • Selecting a Course of Action
  • Formulating Derivative Plans
  • Monitoring the Plan
  • Managing Multiple Tasks “Priorities & Deadlines”:
  • Benefits of Time Management
  • Priorities-Setting, Task Analysis, and Planning Techniques
  • Coordinating Teams, Tasks, and Projects
  • Differences Between Delegating & Giving Tasks
  • The Rational Approach to Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Force Field Analysis
  • Performance Management
  • Establishing Performance Standards
  • Measuring Actual Performance
  • Taking Corrective Action


Who Should Attend?

Managers and employees whose responsibilities require Planning, scheduling, delegation, leading, managing resources and making decisions.


Competencies Covered:

  • Project Management
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Entrepreneurship

Goal Setting, Planning & Decision Making

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