Start Date: 7 February, 2021

End Date  : 11 February, 2021

Duration   : 5 Days


Overall Description: 

This course is designed to help managers and supervisors who want to develop a proactive approach to meet complex challenges with their team. You’ll learn the importance of team dynamics, and improve the overall team performance.

Course Objectives: 

  • Ensure Long-Term Business Results by Effectively Developing People.
  • Meet the Diverse Needs of All Your Team Members with Proven Communication Techniques.
  • Motivate Your People.
  • Anticipate and Resolve Conflict Situations.
  • Instill a Culture Based on Trust and Partnerships.
  • Increase Dialogue and Constructive Feedback.
  • Understand the Importance of Transformational Coaching as a Tool for Partnering with Your Team.
  • Use Delegation to Increase Productivity and Individual Growth.


Course Outline (Content): 

The Learning Workplace

  • Deal with significant changes
  • Assess your approach to challenges
  • Understand your behavioral profile and scoring matrix

The Manager’s Style

  • The four primary behavioral styles: relater, socializer, thinker, director
  • How to recognize others’ behavioral styles to increase support and communication
  • Style adaptability to increase your managerial effectiveness

Managing Teams

  • Teams, team stages and work groups
  • How to develop, create and manage a successful team

The Transformational Coach — Partnership Coaching

  • How to move from a boss to a coach
  • The competencies and strengths of a transformational coach
  • Identify your developmental strategies

Style and Motivation

  • Key values in determining various ways to motivate people
  • The relationship between values and individual expectations
  • Assess your company’s existing recognition, reward and benefit systems in relation to employee growth
  • How to apply motivational techniques that meet individual needs

Managing Conflict

  • Assess your current preference
  • Identify the critical modes for reaching successful resolution
  • Shift your style to manage conflicts

Delegation for Growth

  • Barriers and techniques to overcome resistance and minimize risks
  • Re-examine the effectiveness of your current delegating styles
  • Delegation styles and approaches

Managing Performance and Growth

  • Apply concepts learned through simulation
  • Promote continuous learning among your staff


Who Should Attend?

In today’s competitive business world, everyone needs to come up with creative ideas for business development and improvement. This interactive workshop is suitable for all levels of Management and supervisors who want to lead and develop their teams by making effective decisions and reflect it to high levels of commitment and productivity.


Competencies Covered:

  • Project Management
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Creativity

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