Start Date: 5 December, 2021

End Date  : 9 December, 2021

Duration   : 5 Days


Overall Description: 

This workshop is suitable for all levels of management and supervisory or staff, who want to lead and develop their teams effectively.


Course Objectives: 

  • Sharing practical methods of building and motivating teams.
  • Examining Group vs. Team characteristics. 
  • Introducing key skills of planning, organizing, building people power, problem-solving. Presenting practical tips for both leaders and team members.
  • Giving time participants to practice new techniques of group work and case studies, and evaluate their own performance, strengths, and weaknesses.


Course Outline (Content): 


Developing Team Leadership Skills

  • How an ineffective leader can learn to become an effective team leader
  • The principles and practices of effective leadership
  • Groups Versus Teams
  • Team Concepts applied in Any Organization
  • The Benefits of Team Building

Team working and Team Building

  • How to create an effective team
  • How teams evolve and develop
  • Assessing team working strengths & limitations
  • Individual self-scoring instrument to identify personal team working skills

Techniques leaders need to enhance the formation and performance of effective teams:

  • Attitudes of an Effective Team Builder
  • Motivating Individuals and Teams
  • Employee Focus and Commitment
  • Team Problem Solving Techniques
  • Collaboration in Team Building
  • Reviewing Your Communication Skills
  • Understanding and Resolving Conflict
  • Building Trust
  • Choosing Priorities for Implementation


Who Should Attend?

All managers and supervisors who are required to form, lead and motivate teams.


Competencies Covered:

  • Effective Collaboration
  • Influencing & Communication for Impact

Motivating a Team Effectively

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