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Start Date: 8 Sep, 2024

End Date :12 Sep, 2024
Duration   : 5 Days


Overall Description: 

This course is designed to help directors and managers who are seeking strong leadership skills to help them motivate and inspire others to drive results.


Course Objectives: 

  • Use strategic thinking to add value to one’s organization by understanding the needs and expectations of one’s customers.
  • Anticipate and innovative strategies to link strategic vision to core capabilities.
  • Recognize opportunities to influence and create strategic alliances.
  • Use strategic thinking to identify key strengths and weaknesses in the workgroup.
  • Encourage and support risk-taking and innovation at all levels.
  • Develop persuasive skills to sell strategic ideas.



Course Outline (Content): 

Developing and Balancing Your Operational and Strategic Management Skills

  • Establish a working definition of operational management.
  • Explore the key attributes of today’s strategic thinkers.
  • Find the balance between these core competencies.
  • Reflect on their current use of operating management and strategic thinking in their own work setting.

Creating a Strategic Frame of Reference

  • Understand the key components of the strategic model.
  • Define key outputs at each level.
  • Develop a strategic thinker’s approach for their own work environment.

Understanding Your Current Operational Mission: Your Team, Your Customers and Your Competitors

  • Clarify the purpose of their workgroup in the context of their organization.
  • Draft a mission statement defining the operational reality of their workgroup.
  • Create a SWOT analysis to help them understand their team, their customers and their competitors.

Developing a Strategic Vision: Moving from “What Is” to “What If”

  • Assess customer’s needs, wants and expectations.
  • Determine optimal approaches for developing customer data and input.
  • Learn to use an Importance/Performance Matrix to set priorities for their workgroup.
  • Understand the power of vision.
  • Prepare an initial draft vision statement to move their work unit toward the future.

Creating the Action Plan


Who Should Attend?

  • Executives, division leaders, and other senior managers involved in the formation and implementation of strategic planning.



Course Methodology:

We utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This training course will be conducted as a highly interactive workshop session. A variety of training methodologies will be used Before and during the course whenever applicable. Some of these methods are gamification, online pre-post test, role plays, self-assessment instruments, group exercises & case studies.






Moving From an Operational to a Strategic Thinker

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