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Start Date: 14 Jul, 2024

End Date : 18 Jul, 2024
Duration   : 5 Days


Overall Description: 

Business of oil & gas is contractually and technically complex, involving enormous capital along with some risks and uncertainties. It is often significantly influenced by geopolitical events.



Course Objectives: 

  • Gain broad perspective of what are the essential factors in oil and gas business.
  • Enhance your understanding of the fundamentals of oil & gas law, and the commercial contracts.
  • Evaluate the technical, commercial, and financial aspects of oil & gas contracts and their impact on the profitability.
  • Confidently discuss the technical terms, concepts and buzzwords with your peers and clients.
  • Master the negotiations skills, lead and influence business agreements towards successful contracts.


Course Outline (Content): 


  • Crude Oil & Gas
  • Legal Fiscal and Contractual Framework Ownership
  • Kinds of Oil and Gas Interests
  • Key Stages of Petroleum Projects in View of Contracts
  • What is a Petroleum Contract
  • Roles, Responsibilities and Fiscal Tools
  • Dissection of Petroleum Contracts
  • Parties Roles and Responsibilities in Petroleum Contracts
  • The Financial Considerations in Petroleum Contracts – Fiscal Tools
  • Strategies and Solutions
  • Fiscal Strategies and Solutions
  • Gas and LNG Contracts
  • Art and Science of Negotiations Skills




Who Should Attend?

  • Business Development Managers seeking new opportunities in different countries , Negotiators and Contracting Professionals, Corporate Planning Professionals , Professional Personnel such as legal, environmental, banking, insurance, finance and  tax advisors –working on oil & gas production sharing, oil concession and Joint Venture contacts analyzing suitable fiscal  regimes. , Geologists, Geophysicist, Petroleum Engineers seeking understanding of different fiscal regimes in commercial contracts , Supply Planners and Scheduling Professionals , Government Regulators , Auditing Personnel , Compliance Officers , Equity Analyst and Bankers, Joint Venture Officer.



Course Methodology:

We utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This training course will be conducted as a highly interactive workshop session. A variety of training methodologies will be used Before and during the course whenever applicable. Some of these methods are gamification, online pre-post test, role plays, self-assessment instruments, group exercises & case studies.


Oil and Gas Trade Contracts and Negotiation Expertise

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