Start Date: 19 September, 2021

End Date  : 23 September, 2021

Duration   : 5 Days


Overall Description: 

This program is designed for all managers and department heads, supervisors and group leaders who are looking to manage their employee performance and maximizing effectiveness.


Course Objectives: 

  • Recognize the difference between Performance Management and Performance Appraisal
  • Recognize the objectives of Performance Management.
  • Realize the importance of having a vision and mission
  • Identify the goal-setting process
  • Realize the method of developing high-performance structure
  • Consider the development of Key Performance Indicators
  • Identify the link between team performance and organizational performance
  • Recognize the degree of monitoring needed
  • Realize how to motivate people and enrich jobs
  • Realize the major points to be covered before, during & after the appraisal interview


Course Outline (Content): 

  • Definition of Performance Management and Process
  • Performance appraisal and performance management
  • Performance Gap: estimated, targeted and actual performance
  • Performance Appraisal Methods Graphic rating scale
  • Features of effective appraisal method
  • Advantages and disadvantages of appraisal tools
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators
  • Structuring the appraisal index
  • Appraisal purpose (merit, post-training, promotion or periodic)
  • Ranking employees based on appraisal results (Compensation)
  • Preparing appraisal comments or final report
  • Appraisal Problems associated with Potential Rating Scale
  • Dealing effectively with various employee reactions
  • Communicating with employees often (provide short, quick performance snapshots)
  • Planning for short and long-term objectives
  • The Appraisal Discussion (Framing, Disagreement: Criticism and feedback )
  • Problems with Appraisals ( People, Process and Preparation )
  • Motivating for Performance Maximization
  • Appraising Performance
  • Organizational Culture and Learning Organization


Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for all managers and department heads, supervisors and group leaders.


Competencies Covered:

  • Performance Management
  • Communication
  • Relationship Management

Performance Management Minimizing Stress, Maximizing Effectiveness

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