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Bara Obeidat,CPT, BA

Senior Trainer & HRD Strategy Consultant

An accomplished, dynamic, and client-driven professional trainer & consultant with over 14 years of experience in Business Development, Marketing, Quality Management, Training and Content Development. He has a good background in human resources in fields of Telecommunications, Transportation, and Logistics.
Mr. Obeidat holds a Bachelors degree in Communications, and is a certified trainer in both Human Resource Management, and Cross Selling Strategies for telecommunication professionals. Bara has conducted more than 4,000 hours of professional training, including onsite training for large accounts and train-the-trainer for several International firms in Europe and the Middle East. 

Travis Abrahamson,TC. TEFL


Senior Trainer & Language & Communications Consultant

Is a highly experienced and qualified instructor with 14-years of training and teaching experience in delivering training to various multi-national organizations in the United States, Latin America, and the Middle East. Travis’s expertise includes, but is not limited to, areas of communication & presentation skills, technical & business writing, and Emotional Intelligence. He is a certified trainer in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and holds the Bachelors degree of Arts in Cross Cultural Communications, from North Central University, USA; and is fluent in English, Spanish and Arabic. His ability to rapidly engage with participants, passion for personal development, and utilization of a distinguished communication style gives Travis a unique blend of inspiration, insight and implementation in the training environment.


Eric Davidson,PIP, CIM

Senior Trainer & Financial Consultant

Is an experienced leader, energetic management professional, excellent communicator and facilitator with extensive background in management, leadership, financial services, sales training, and mentoring in North America and Europe. He has been responsible for 16 Regional offices. Throughout his career with Merrill Lynch, division director, Eric has increased the profitability extensively. Also he had been the Corporate Training Manager for IG Institute, providing training to high-producing Consultants, as well as Managers


Emil Abu Jaber,MBA, PhD

Trainer &  Organizational Leadership  Consultant

Is a highly professional certified trainer & consultant with over 12 years of experience in training profit and nonprofit organizations. He holds the Ph.D. Degree in Management & Organizational Leadership from Regent University – USA. Dr. Abu Jaber has worked in many posts beginning with Tour Operations Assistant Manager, Executive Manager, Teaching Assistant professor for Masters Degree in USA, and as a Consultant and Trainer for ME Training Institute.
Throughout his professional experience; he trained professionals in different fields in North America & the Middle East. Dr. Emil has a strong leadership, interpersonal, teamwork, research and oral communication skills


Nader Kawar,MA, B.A

Certified Trainer & Marketing & Operations Consultant

Is a professional trainer with a condensed professional background, who earned his degree from the United States of America. With more than twenty-three years of professional experience working in Jordan and the Gulf region, he held many corporate senior positions including Head of Market research and Intelligence, Head of broadband product development, Chief Operations Officer, Director of Marketing and customer care, Technical operations director and many others.
Mr. Nader has rich experience in Nudge Marketing & Behavioral Economics because it gives an understanding of what influences people's decisions and what shapes people's behavior. In addition to Telecommunication, Internet Service Provider, Banking and Personal Computers., and is currently working as a Consultant and Trainer with ME Training.


Kais Shammas,Bsc, MSt

Senior Trainer & Engineering Consultant

A professional Consultant & Trainer in management, philosophy, industrial psychology, organizational behavior, teaching and training, motivation, and assessment methods. Mr. Shamas holds Postgraduate Certificate in Philosophy from Oxford University - UK, and Bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering from Princess Sumaya University for Technology. Kais is a lively and dynamic trainer in the field of business and leadership.
Mr. Shammas sheds special focus upon practical applications that help professionals to understand their role in their organization, and to lead and motivate others. He also equips participants with growth opportunities and activities to promote in-depth and experiential learning, along with contemporary theoretical approaches


Sana Abdo,PhD, CPT

Senior Trainer &  Youth Development Specialist

has an Honorary Doctorate in training and youth development from Oxford College for Higher Education & PHD studies. She is Certified International Professional Trainer, and has a long experience in training for many national and international companies in different managerial topics.
Dr. Sanaa is a highly Energetic Positive Person who has a role as motivational speaker and positive thinker with a strong effect on youth as a role model.
Sana Received several medals, awards, and certificates for participating in National, Gulf and International Events, conferences and meetings in different topics such as: Education, Motivation and Training. She also participated in many TV and radio shows. ​


Nasser Abdullah,PhD, MA, HD, CPT

Senior Trainer & Organizational Planning Consultant

 The senior consultant, specialist, and trainer, Dr. Naser Husain, has been in the training field for more than 30 years in a variety of institutions, and ministries. Standing out with a number of certificates and degrees, Dr. Naser got the Ph.D. degree from the University of Reading – the United Kingdom. His research aimed at studying the relationship between the Outputs of Commercial Education vs. the Requirements of the Labour Market in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
He held the positions of a trainer, teacher, and consultant in the Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain before he endeavored to proceed with his profession as a trainer in other local and international companies and organizations.


Colleen O’Brien

Has over 10 years experience in organizational behavioral research and consultancy in a variety of industries. Colleen completed her doctorate in psychology at York University. 
As SMG Vice-President, Colleen is responsible for consultations that are provided to our clients worldwide regarding their recruiting, selection and organizational development strategies, and the integration of Self-Management Group’s profiling, validation and training systems into their culture. 
Colleen also manages Self-Management Group’s International Distribution Network, and she has conducted workshops and seminars worldwide. Colleen also is a part-time lecturer at York University and other local universities


Ziyad Jawabra

Is a Professional Management trainer, cross-cultural consultant & system thinker and Arabic Language Conversation Teaching For None Arabs He is also the founder and the Director of Scamper Training International USA, Oregon.
Dr. Ziyad is known for his particular experience in Thinking Solutions-Focused at box" the Meta Programs – Thinking about Thinking and Thinking outside the box". He has been a trainer, teacher and consultant in the Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain before he dedicated himself to continue his profession as a senior trainer in other local and international organizations.


Mohammed Albanna

Is a positive, dynamic; energetic; professional trainer; who is customer-oriented; with excellent communication & presentation skills. His flexible personality made him excel in the field of training throughout his long career; with all levels of professional hierarchies.
Mr. Mohammed has a profound experience in the executive professional training in a variety of subjects such as Administration, HR, Customer service, Finance & Banking, Training & Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, and planning & Decision Making, and Positive Thinking and Motivating Teams.


Riyad Mahmood

For the past 25 years, Mr. Riyad has worked extensively in building and developing organizational, business, management, and training solutions for corporate performance optimizations with emphasis on aligning human resources skills and functions with corporate initiatives and objectives to deliver world-class standards of productivity, efficiency, and results. He has been instrumental in the development of all levels of multinational individuals and groups to prepare them for the market, confident of being capable to implement the highest competitive skills and knowledge to exceed the limits of their own abilities.
Mr. Riyad’s significant experience includes, but not limited to, designing, implementing and managing human resources development strategies and training programs aim for change in Knowledge, Skills & Attitude. He is also skilled in delivering specialized training programs in fluent English and Arabic in the areas of management, business, leadership, and soft-skills.


Maher Kawar,MBA, CPT

Senior Trainer & HR Management Consultant

Over 700 astonishing workshops that Mr. Maher conducted in various fields in Management, HR, and Quality. He holds a Post Graduate Certificate degree with High Honors in Human Resource Management from Canada and a Master's degree in Management from England. His life-changing professional approach is well-recognized by many global organizations in North America and the Middle East. His unique abilities and experience in management consultation inspired these industries towards a prosperous utilization of their human and capital potential.

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