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What our customers say about their experience with ME Training


Abdullah Alsoofi

This is the first course I attend where it has more than %50 of creativity games. There was exchange in information even in games how to build a team effectively, how to engage with each other, how to find out optimal solutions, and creative ideas. Thank you.


Sherif Hamdy

Emotional Intelligence workshop was very coarse,  mind-changing, very valuable  and full of knowledge. The instructor was skilled, full of energy and experienced. Movies, exercises and participation were comprehensive. Thanks a lot.


Rima Hifawi

The workshop was stimulating and valuable.  Content was knowledge-packed. I learned tools which improved my work & life skills. The trainer is one of the best instructors who truly inspires people. I would love to attend all his courses.


Karlo Uy

This is the Best training that I have joined so far and it will be an honour to have more training with ME Training. Now, I understand the meaning of leadership and how to be a good leader. Thank you very much Mr. Maher kawar for your effort and for coming into our lives, it will be cherished forever.


Tariq Alharbi

This course is value added on both personal and career aspects. I would
recommend Conflict Management & Dealing with Others to my colleague.


Mohammad Wali

it's my first time to attend a workshop with ME Training. it was an excellent training and a very experienced instructor that simplified the complex in the training.


Nadia Khasawneh

I enjoyed the workshop and feel that I have gained a lot. The workshop sparked a line of thought in my mind in terms of leadership and how we behave as leaders which effect me in the surrounding ambiance.


Lina Kaaki

I was extremely inspired by the instructor's enthusiasm throughout the 3 days. It was also beneficial that the instructor is knowledgeable and has background in many fields.  I learned a lot and enjoyed the training sessions.


Fahad Mohamed

One of the best courses in my career life. after "Practical Tools for Effective Coaching" Program I will be the best coach! Thanks a lot Mr. Maher Kawar for such great efforts.


Ariel Coronel

The instructor Mr. Travis is concise and precise explaining the course. Participants understand clearly He emphasize our mistakes and corrects, We appreciate his talent and dedication. We are inspired and learned a lot.


Arshad Khan

Enhancing & Developing Supervisor’s Performance is extremely valuable

course, it benefited and gained me a lot of information and practical tips.


Abdullah Mohamed

It was an excellent experience interacting with that amazing group of people and have this useful subject in training which will help in work field.


Nasser Alghamdi

I would like to thank Mr. Bara for this training. I really enjoyed it and would really wish to take it again. I have learned so many skills to manage my team as a manager. Thank you so much.


Dima Bajjali

Enjoyable material.  Interactive trainer, full of positive energy, which reflected tremendously on the learning. Recommend Mr. Bara Obeidat to give us future training on work how to work under pressure.


Meney Stewart

The instructor was extremely professional, knowledgeable and approachable.  He clearly presented and explained the Certified Quality Manager course.


Amal Awwad

Very interesting! I recommend it to all. It was interactive & beneficial in many ways to everyone. Highly qualified instructor was clear during the whole workshop.


Erwin Laurito

I was impressed, It explains most of the cause of my management problems, this will help me improve, the instructor is flawless, there was no part that is boring, I was intellectually stimulated.


Sahel A l-Beitar

This was really one of the best training courses I’ve ever had ; I would like to thank you all for the great valuable time we’ve spent together.


Saed Issa Moh’d Lello

The workshop is rich with valuable data. Thanks for Mr. Eric Davidson.
It was a great workshop. Thank you for that.


Rajaa Amer

First of all I would like to say thank you for Mr. Khalil for this beneficial workshop which added a lot of value to my knowledge. And it guide me to the right way to build my future and prepare a suitable plan for myself


Tamara Arafat

Thank you, great work done. The Instructor was great, exposed, polite, well experienced, and impressive. I have learned so much from this course as it tackled things I have always disregarded in my personal and career life. Thank you again


Rashid Kareem

Excellent workshop. It has set me thinking on changing my lifestyle, the way I plan, the way I organize. This program will change me for the better.


Hamzeh Abu Deyeh

I have attended the same workshop before.

But I have never got the valuable information and instruction like I got these during two days


Hazem  Al.Nsour

It was an amazing course and an amazing instructor and amazing training company ,
Thank you


Mohammad Hafez

Mr. Maher is a professional instructor who care about so many details. Thank you so much.


Husam Abutahoon

I would like to thank ME Training for the well-organized training. The training was amazing, and I enjoyed each and every moment of it.


Arshad Khan

Enhancing & Developing Supervisor’s Performance is extremely valuable course, it benefited and gained me a lot of information


Ghaida Sadyeh

On behalf of SGBJ, I would like to Thank Mr. Maher Kawar for your engaging course about performance Management. Our top management and leaders learned from all the exercises and information you provided us.


Mai Momani

Such a wonderful way of giving workshops! Thanks to the instructors
Senator Aqel Beltaji, Mr. Eric Davidson & Mr. Maher Kawar It was just amazing


Ghassoub Kawar

This is the first time I attend such training. Thank you Mr. Maher Kawar, you met my aspiration and gave me a lot of ideas to implement learning that will never ends


Fadi Salah Hasan

The workshop was amazing; Certified Sales Manager added a lot of information to my knowledge. Thank you Mr. Eric Davidson

Thanks a lot.


Fida`a Jarrar

It’s the first time for me to feel that working in the sales is so interesting in a very high degree and that gave me a huge motivation to change a lot of wrong sales management concepts in my company. Thanks a lot

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