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Start Date: 6 Oct, 2024

End Date : 10 Oct, 2024 
Duration   : 5 Days


Overall Description: 

No matter how great your product or service is, you will not be able to close the deal if you cannot tell your clients how what you’re selling will benefit them. Through this intensive professional sales training workshop, you will learn how to gain your clients business by earning their trust.


Course Objectives: 

By the end of this training program, each participant will be able to:

  • To understand the implications of the marketing concept
  • To familiarise the delegate with the range of tools and models available
  • To develop skills to improve targeting, product development, market research, and strategy development
  • To fully understand the selling process and its role in company growth
  • To learn the skills necessary to improve hit rate, reduce wasted sales calls, and exceed sales performance targets


Course Outline (Content): 


The role of marketing

  • The marketing concept
  • The scope of marketing activity – Marketing Mix
  • customer buying behavior


Analysing the market

  • segmentation strategy
  • Defining markets
  • Positioning strategies
  • Market research techniques


Developing a marketing and sales plan

  • The marketing mix
  • Marketing strategies
  • Models and tools for improving performance
  • The selling process


Perfecting selling techniques

  • Opening
  • Questioning
  • Matching
  • Handling objections
  • Closing


Putting it all together, creating a marketing plan, role playing a selling scenario


Who Should Attend?

Sales professionals and managers who want to learn professional sales training techniques to train salespeople.


Course Methodology:

We utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This training course will be conducted as a highly interactive workshop session. A variety of training methodologies will be used Before and during the course whenever applicable. Some of these methods are gamification, online pre-post test, role plays, self-assessment instruments, group exercises & case studies.

Targeted Marketing & Professional Selling Techniques

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